Saturday, June 29, 2013

Creation of the week from the NW branch

We have a much harder time finding old windows for our creations 
out here in Spokane so my heart leapt when I found these at a 
country barn sale near our home.  
They were pretty scruffy and took a lot of elbow grease to get cleaned up 
but I loved the shape!  (yucky one on left and an unyucked one on the right!) 
(Unyucked should be a word!)

A few coats of paint along with some window caulking 
and a great new vinyl and we have a winner!  
A very one of a kind awesome piece of home decor just waiting for the 
first person to let us know they want it! 

 We gather  We spice it up  We're messy, 
We make memories  We try new things  We share
We heep traditions  we clean up


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