Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Merry little scraps of wood!

Instead of throwing out these little scraps of wood - 
we used them to create the PERFECT Christmas gifts!  
They are little, can sit anywhere, 
are eco-friendly, 
AND will add a whole lot of cheer!

Monday, November 21, 2011

An Ugly Duckling

I LOVE transforming something ugly and out-dated into something sweet and usable.  This sweet little sign evolved from such materials.
 It all started out with this ugly scrap of wood, an out-dated flower brooch, a chipped up lock latch. and recycled door knob.
The latch I have had for quite awhile and I have always been drawn to the dusty pink paint that shows through all the chipping.  I decided to use that as our main color.  That required some paint mixing, but I covered the ugly wood and out-dated brooch to bring new life and sweetness.
Then I had to assemble it all for sturdy construction which involved some drilling, wiring, gluing and hammering.  A small little pearly pink button completed the center of the brooch and hid the screw I used to attach the brooch to the door handle.
Last, but not least, I added the "You are my sunshine" quote in our brown matte vinyl and sealed it all for the finished touch.  LOVE this great little transformation!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Classy and Fabulous

This quote on our upcycled wood is in high demand right now in the stores.  
So I need to create!
It's always fun to add some BLING with this saying... 
so I found an awesome vintage plate from a dresser knob and a bright pink glitzy button:
I have this old cupboard door set aside and I think it will work perfectly for the quote and the bling!
Now, off to paint and create!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

You are my Sunshine, my only sunshine.

Sometimes the most unassuming piece of wood can produce such a sweet little piece!  This cute little guy is the perfect example. 
I had an ugly 18" x 11" piece of wood that most would be tempted to throw away, but I added some fresh dark gray paint and sanded it to keep the true imperfection of the wood.   Next I had to search through buttons, jewelry, and our many odd treasures to find some compliments.  The wood had a rough line along the right side that kept bugging me, so I decided to accent it and cover it up.  I chose to use a small section of an old silver ruler.
Then I found the complimentary silver flower pin which I actually took apart some to get to the basic shape.  I decided the pin needed a little color and "pop" in the center, so I dug through our stash of buttons.  Eventually I found the perfect little yellow button!
Inspired by the yellow, I decided to go with our "You are my sunshine" quote in our yellow matte vinyl.
Once the vinyl was applied to the wood, I sealed it with a clear coat of matte polyurethane.  The last step was adding the sweet finishing touches of my fun little finds!  LOVE IT!