Friday, June 07, 2013

Creation and Design of the week - In this Kitchen

We had this long window with a strange but cool bar on it...
that is what instigated this whole thing.

We could not remove the bar due to all the layers of paint over the screws. could the bar be used?
A towel rod!
If the window hung vertically the "strange bar" would be a great towel holder!

The size made it perfect for a kitchen.
But...we didn't have a kitchen quote that long to fit this space.
So Missy and I started brainstorming.
We needed an "IN THIS KITCHEN" graphic!

Well the thoughts flowed and the humor and the editing.
We really wanted to include "We burn things."
but we decided to stay positive.
We sent the words along to Adonna and 
Here is the wall graphic design you can purchase as a decal: 

In this kitchen
We gather.  We spice it up.  We’re messy.  We make memories.
We try new things.  We cook with love.
We share.  We keep traditions.  We clean up.  We celebrate.
We savor Life’s Goodness

Here is the finished window:

It would be such a great addition to any kitchen.

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