Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Monkey Face/When life goes bananas...Contest

I have found myself in the midst of a very frustrating technical problem with our vinyl cutter. The cutter went out last Thurs. while cutting a wholesale order. Two overnight shipments, a motherboard, a power supply, and a power switch later, we now find ourselves awaiting yet another motherboard overnight shipment! I have seen parts to our cutter and learned things about the cutter I really never cared to know. Needless to say, frustrating! And all I can do is wait yet another day while orders sit and accumulate. So, feeling the need to distract myself, I was thinking through good frustration outlets. Eliminating several unproductive options and noting another cold, rainy day, I decided to put in some music and bake cookies. It's called chocolate-chip-cookie therapy!

Tell us your healthy-frustration-outlet suggestion and we will put your name in a drawing to receive a cute little monkey face graphic in honor of the inevitable times that we find things in life sometimes go bananas. (Please include your e-mail address, so we can e-mail you if you are the winner!)

This 9x9" monkey face will come in our brown matte finish vinyl with installation instructions. We will draw names for the giveaway on Mon., Nov. 9th (because we will be up and running by then, or have a brand new cutter!)


Carissa said...

love that you are blogging so much! really hoping the part fixes the machine tomorrow!

i hope i win the monkey! my frustration outlet...calling YOU!

3gr8tboys said...

When life goes bananas, I bake and eat half the "goods" and then take a walk to rid the guilt! LOL

Love the monkey!

TK and DK said...

Hey-I did not know about the blog, I am liking it! My frustration tip is to go to sleep, that is what I do when stressed - everything always looks better in the morning. That does not always fix the technical problems though?!

Carissa does not have room in her house for the monkey but I do. :)

Jill Swank said...

I go out for a cup of hot coffee and just watch the day go by...well for a little while. Relaxing, and the problem ends up not seeming so overwhelming or life ending. :)

Get the Word Out, Inc said...

When life goes bananas - like I can't handle it, I want to fix it but I can't do anything about it... I do two things: open my Bible, pray, and oh, (sometimes) clean my house! I really hate to clean:)
karen smith

Unknown said...

My favorite thing to indulge myself in when I have too many bananas flying around is taking a nice walk around the park with my iPod plugged in. Then nothing is better than having an actual indulgence from Starbucks with a good book, and iPod still plugged in, of course.


Unknown said...

I go for a run! Hope I win! :)


Unknown said...

When life is bananas for me I like to stop and talk to anyone who will listen about my problems. I usually realize that my issues are not so big and that it could be way worse...and eventually I learn that I should have gone straight to God in the first place! :)

Anonymous said...

I grab a cup of java..get my fav magazines and chill while looking @ cool things I might try to do later..relaxes Me completely! :)

Anonymous said...

I grab a cup of java..my fav magazines..and chill while I look @ things I might do later! Relaxing Me completely!

Katie said...

I sing loudly in the car...even if people look at me!



The Need 2 Read said...

Oh geez...my life goes bananas way too often...lol. I usually make a HUGE pot of coffee and go sit on the back deck - and either freeze, melt or enjoy the breeze on my face while I take in deep, much needed breaths!!

jamieandandre at bellsouth dot net

Joanna said...

When I get frustrated I, too, either sleep and hope the problem resolves itself (which, in the case of a motherboard is unlikely), or I start browsing blogs of those more creative than myself (like old barn rescue, for instance).


Mom2Soph said...

When my life is bananas I take a break, put on some 80's music and dance with my 2 year old daughter. It really cures what ails me :-)