Sunday, October 11, 2009

Winter is in the air

Okay, where did fall go. I know it is supposed to fall between summer and winter but it didn't show up here. It is positively freezing outside. I'm trying to bbq tri tip and I can't feel my hands. I've seen the pictures of winter in Spokane and frankly, I'm a bit scared. Already bought our snow tires and our snow thrower and thought we were all ready but now we heard about a thing called a snow rake. It's used to take the snow off your roof so it doesn't collapse under the weight of all the snow. So, now I'm even more intimidated by the upcoming NW winter. I'll have to just stay inside and design away. I think our customers might just be really thrilled that snow is in our forecast!! I'll post a picture of my lastest before I go out and check on the meat! Adonna

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