Friday, April 19, 2013

Sweet curtains

I am loving these sweet curtains Missy and Adonna created!

They add just the right touch to our shop.

Here's how to create these adorable, no-sew curtains:

**  Cut the burlap to your desired size in 2 panels per window.

**  Staple the burlap in pleats to the back of a thin board.

**  Drill the board into the wall or door.

**  Staple or hot glue cute burlap flowers in contrasting colors along the board.
--Missy twisted a small strip of burlap around itself into a round rosette and glued it in place.
--We wanted a splash of color so she spray painted ours.
--Then she accented the center with a vintage button.

 **  Add tie backs (ours are just strips of burlap).

I can not believe how cute these are,
how happy they make the space and
how quickly they were able to be made!
A win, win!

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