Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lake Love

We are creating some of our little signs again
 and I am reminded of how much I LOVE reviving old "junk"!  
This little sign is my new love: 
I have had this piece of wood laying around for a long time.  
It is a scrap cut from a 130-year-old farmhouse door (my childhood farmhouse to be exact- maybe that's why this is stirring up so much adoration in my heart)  
The wood alone is just so great and I knew it needed something special.  
It is a perfect buttery yellow color with "real life" crackled aging and a little grey, brown, and dark red paint showing through underneath.  
A lovely color combination!   
I knew I wanted to use these old game tiles on the wood because they are a great match for the browns and buttery yellow.  
The key was finding words I could spell with the remaining letters I have.  
"Lake" seemed to be a good choice.  
(Except now I wish I had a lake house!)
Next I found the old water faucet handle that had the exact red/grey color that would draw out the colors under the yellow in the wood!  
I completed it with a rusty old base to prop up the faucet.  
It was starting to really come together! 
 Then I had to think of something for the space underneath the vintage letters to fill the space.  Our brown vinyl lettering came in perfectly for this. "Life is better at the lake".  
Ahhh, yes, it was meant to be.
Makes me smile. 

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