Friday, September 07, 2012

My new favorite!

In our business we take something that is ready to be discarded
and show it some love! 
Quite often we find ourselves attached to our creations
 either due to the wonderfully old character of the wood,
a fun vintage item we have used in a clever way,
or just the amount of time and work we have invested in some of these.
I have to say I am quite smitten with this latest creation!

This window was both old and dirty!!
It took some scrubbing just to clean it up, but once the dirt was removed, some perfectly old, chippy pale pink paint was reavealed.
I loved it right away and knew that the paint would dictate the rest of the creating.  I mixed some pink and coral paints to match some of the aged pink paint that was already showing through.  Perfect!  


Next it was sanded and sealed and
re-chalked to hold the fabulous old wavy glass in place.
 It was just waiting for the perfect quote.  
"Sugar and Spice" in beige on a pale pink window would be just right!

 Yep - I am smitten!

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