Tuesday, January 17, 2012


You can't manufacture age.  
So we are thrilled when we find wood that is genuinely aged and has a wonderful true, shabby color we can embrace.  
That was the case with these two windows.  I  had to touch up the paint a little and seal it all with a clear finish but the original colors were the inspiration.

I started with the pink one because I immediately fell in love with the color and knew it had to be designed for a girl's room.  After much debate and thought, I pieced together a couple of our wall graphics to create this Sugar and Spice design in our brown matte vinyl complimenting the brown wood showing through.  Then I added a brown handle to complete the look.  CUTE!!
So cute, in fact, that I decided to do another one in this mint colored window.  
(Again, the original paint color).  
This time I added some brown and mint buttons at the bottom as my finishing accents.  
Sweet and Fun!!

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