Monday, November 21, 2011

An Ugly Duckling

I LOVE transforming something ugly and out-dated into something sweet and usable.  This sweet little sign evolved from such materials.
 It all started out with this ugly scrap of wood, an out-dated flower brooch, a chipped up lock latch. and recycled door knob.
The latch I have had for quite awhile and I have always been drawn to the dusty pink paint that shows through all the chipping.  I decided to use that as our main color.  That required some paint mixing, but I covered the ugly wood and out-dated brooch to bring new life and sweetness.
Then I had to assemble it all for sturdy construction which involved some drilling, wiring, gluing and hammering.  A small little pearly pink button completed the center of the brooch and hid the screw I used to attach the brooch to the door handle.
Last, but not least, I added the "You are my sunshine" quote in our brown matte vinyl and sealed it all for the finished touch.  LOVE this great little transformation!

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